On the 7th and 8th of March 2018 the Tradewinds Ship Recycling Forum was organised in Hamburg. Various presentations were given during nine sessions. In general much attention was given to green policies on the level of individual shipping companies, the need for effective regulation and implementation by international organisations, an active attitude of the respective competent national authorities, and of the necessity to keep promoting save and sound ship recycling. Some organisations however overtly promoted beaching as a serious and profitable way of disposing of ships.

ISRA-members were well represented during this forum and were actively engaged in presenting their views. Peter Wyntin explained clearly what membership of the European Ship Recyclers Group (ESR) means in practice. Not only a well-trained and well-equipped workforce, high standards concerning the site but also clear lines in the less visible relationship between the ship-owner and the recycling company.
Dimitri Ayvatoglu illustrated that high profile vessels being recycled in Turkey continued the trend from 2017 and mentioned that seven Turkish facilities applied for the European list.
Tom Peter Blankestijn referred in his presentation to the recent impediments caused by illegal waste- export to China and indicated that also green ship recycling yards in China were affected by these measures. So far two recycling yards can continue their activities in 2018. Blankestijn emphasized that these two facilities covered 95% (250 vessels) of the capacity, concluding that green capacity is sufficient, taken into account that most of the volume has been handled in 2017.

Overall there is a growing concern about the EU listing procedure. Not only members of ISRA referred to the sluggish progress in this field. On top of this it was stipulated by various speakers that green EU recycling capacity is not sufficient to cope with the dismantling capacity needed for the EU fleet. In his presentation (see attachment) Emilien Gasc from the European Commission showed the progress in this field. He elaborated the process of certification and showed that the various steps in the certification process have to be taken.

Twenty-four non-EU member states applicate for the EU list.
Applications for the EU-list:
– India   :10/11
– Turkey :7
– China   :4
– USA      :2
The EU Commission will present the various applications to the member states of the EU. It is therefore very important that the member states can provide information needed for the delegates to participate actively in this process. ISRA will address this specific issue in the coming newsletter.

Session 5 – Emilien Gasc


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