News item no 8, March 2019

TradeWinds event Hong Kong

On the 5thand 6thof March 2019, TradeWinds organized the Ship Recycling Forum in Hong Kong.

Instead of numerous presentations, this conference gave much attention to panel discussions. Compared with conferences in the past, this meeting was noticeably less outspoken and the traditional separation between the representatives of the Indian subcontinent and responsible ship recyclers was absent. The application for the EU-list might be causing this effect.

Peter Koller from the European Commission stated that there were 25 applications pending; 6 from Turkey, 14 from India, 4 from China and 1 from the USA. He indicated that Turkey and India will very soon make additional applications.







Peter Koller EC

A very interesting contribution was made by Chris Calvert. He showed the pathway of the recycling of (warship) HMNZS Endeavour under the Basel Convention. This warship was recycled at an Indian yard. During lunch break Director ISRA was approached by parties who had accompanied this unusual practice. They argued that from the side of ISRA not one recycling yard had reacted on the tender. ISRA will contact Mr. Calvert to see what has happened. (Do not hesitate to email to me if you have information on this subject:









Dimitri Ayvatoglu

Dimitri Ayvatoglu from Leyal Recycling facilities in Turkey proudly announced that his yard was the first to recycle a vessel under the new EU legislation. He further showed some developments in the recent past: Norwegian pension funds drop investments due to poor recycling practices, an increasing number of banks starting to embrace RSRS and the convictions based on penal law in the Netherlands.

Tom Peter Blankestijn (R) as moderator

Tom Peter Blankestijn (Sea2Cradle) pointed out the situation in China. Though the ban on end of life ships not flying the Chinese flag remained, China should consider the fact that a great number of ships are being produced in China. That should have implications for the responsibility of the Chinese government. The developments in China will be closely followed by ISRA.



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