ISRA press statement

The recent development to review the import of “to be recycled ships” in the Peoples Republic of China is challenging for the Ship Recycling Industry as a whole.

The International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA)shares the concern on Environmental standards and Human safety as regulated in the Hong Kong Convention and the EU Ship Recycling Regulation.

The announcement to stop importing recycle ships in China could close some of the best recycling facilities in the world that match the Hong Kong Convention and the EU ship recycling regulation requirements. Since the IMO started to discuss Ship Recycling regulations, a number of Chinese Ship Recycling Facilities has upgraded and invested in their facilities enormously. This made these yards the first in the world to recycle ships at the highest standards available on Health, Safety and Environment.

China as a fast developing country and ship building nation should in our opinion continue to take their producer responsibility to also continue to include Ship Recycling. The last 20 years China has contributed greatly to the method of Ship Recycling and economic viable recycling operations.

The method of Ship Recycling in China reduced the total amount of waste and transformed it in recovered reusable materials in an environmentally sound manner. The records in China have shown that ship recycling can be an environmental sound and safe industry

The Chinese Yards has been a prime example for other yards around the world, to improve and invest.

If the announcement of the central government in China is activated the result is that well over 2.5 million tons of high standard capacity is taken out of the global market and can be seen as a major step back in the global development towards environmental and human safe ship recycling.

Ship owners that have deliberately selected China in the past as the best ship recycling Country in the world have to find new solutions for facilities with equal standards. The lost ship recycling capacity cannot be found within a short period and this could force these ship owners to accept lower standards. This negative trend is hard for the industry to accept and understand.

Secretary General of  The International Ship Recycling Association(ISRA)Mr. Bernard Veldhoven states:

“ISRA is concerned about this recent development and is available to regulators around the world to discuss and assist in keeping this important capacity for the maritime industry. We would welcome the Chinese Government to review its announcement and maintain this important ship recycling capacity for the future.”

For more information:

Bernard Veldhoven, Secretary General ISRA

+31 650518139











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