News item 7,  2 December 2021

ISRA wants to congratulate FORNAES as a new member of the European Ship Recyclers (ESR), part of the International Ship Recycling Association.

Due to this new member from Denmark, ESR is now totalling more than 600.000 tons of recycling capacity enabling the objectives of the EU SRR and the Green Deal.

The annual meeting of ESR physicaly took place in Esbjerg. A very successful meeting due to the fact that physical presence stimulates cooperation.

A variety of subjects were discussed, amongst them:   

  • Illegal exports of end of life ships
    Of course the illegal exports of end of life ships is still a major issue , harming fundamentally the competition position of the ESR and ISRA members. ESR will come with more scrutinized elaborated figures concerning the capacity issue, both from the supply, as well from the demand side.
  • Enforcement

Although the illegal export figures are still a very high number of competent authorities in various countries are becoming more and more active, also public prosecutors in various countries are becoming more active in this field.

  • Safety

Public attention is raised due to a recent number of accidents. In preparation of the new EU-SRR , foreseen on 31 December 2023, thoughts were formulated to promote a safety culture on the spot, besides the obligatory safety regulations in the EU SRR. It is the intention from ISRA/ESR to supply these ideas to the European Commission.


Visit to Smedegaarden

Smedegaarden invited the ESR delegates to visit their facilities and storage. Like Fornaes, Smedegaarden is not only an active ship recycler, but also a (big) buyer and seller of used parts. Recycling and re-use are high on the agenda of this company.




















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