An inventory amongst the ISRA-members shows that our members find themselves in a more or less status quo-situation compared to the previous Covid-19 update from ISRA. Some of the restrictions imposed by governmental authorities, could perhaps in theory allow -on the site- a type of ”business as usual” model, the practice, however, shows that continuation is cumbersome because of restrictions on flights (applicable to the crew) and sailing. So, until now the ship recycling activities are still considered at a low level for the ISRA-members.

Market predictions

The views on the market outlook are similar among the members. From the supply side of vessels, there is an increase, but not yet on a concrete level, meaning that suppliers (ship-owners) are making their rounds without further tangible results. The supply of cruise ships is an exemption at this point, where it appears that those are likely to come to more specific negotiations in due time.

Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI)

SRTI aims to accelerate a voluntary market-driven approach to responsible ship recycling practices through transparency and subsequently to influence and improve decision-making about ship recycling, creating an industry-wide level playing field.

Following the postponement of the SRTI in-person foreseen at the roundtable event (initially scheduled for March 2020), the SRTI community organized a series of themed webinars between April and June 2020.

Each webinar covers a theme of relevance to the SRTI’s vision and responsible ship recycling: data and transparency, circular economy, and the role of financial stakeholders. The main purpose of the SRTI is to reflect on what kind of data could be disclosed and from which source(s), exploring how such data points could contribute to the SRTI’s mission to accelerate a voluntary market-driven approach to ship recycling through transparency. Like in the physical meeting, the Chatham House Rules are applied. ISRA has always participated.

The first webinar, held on the 30th of April 2020

Feedback on the current SRTI disclosure criteria: participants were invited to provide feedback on the current SRTI disclosure criteria, consisting of six overarching sections: (1) Overall approach, (2) Ship recycling policy and standards, (3) Policy for selling owned vessels for further trading, (4) Ship recycling contract, (5) Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Ship Recycling Documentation, and (6) Implementation of ship recycling policy and standard.

Along the lines of a previously sent inquiry various subjects were treated. The outcome could be summarized as follows: it was obvious that international regulations play an important role in the field of ship recycling. Not only a prominent role for the EU-SRR and HKC but also reference was made to other international agreements, like ILO-instruments.

On the question of the SRTI expanding to include data from ship recycling facilities, some stakeholders believe that developing a separate section for SRFS – and possibly also for cash buyers – with their own separate set of disclosure criteria is a logical next step for the SRTI. It was commented that the SRTI must exercise caution to avoid conferring a level of undue credibility to SRFs which could be potentially used by unscrupulous SRFS (and shipowners). For an adequate implementation of ship recycling policy and standard, the addition of the following information was proposed:

Disclosure of actions taken to address any issues reported in environmental monitoring reports, disclosure of data on safety-related issues including near misses and actions taken to address any issues to avoid recurrence and injuries in the future.

The next webinar to be held on the 28th of May will be concentrated on the “Circular Economy”.




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