News item no. 1, February 2021

Riviera ltd organized four webinars in “The week of Ship Recycling”.

Director ISRA, Reinoud Pijpers, was panellist in the webinar titled: “The conundrum of ship recycling”.

Difficult choice?

A conundrum means a difficult choice/decision to be taken. This difficult choice apparently referred to the shipowners’ choice between sound and safe ship recycling or getting higher revenues for their obsolete vessel to be recycled.


Several speakers indicated that the EU listed capacity was not sufficient to handle the amount of ships to be properly recycled, and questioned specifically the capacity for Panamax sized ships.
ISRA referred to its press release indicating that a black swan situation is not the basis for analysing the current situation. In a normalized market situation, EU listed ship recycling facilities have ample room, also for Panamax sized obsolete vessels.

Differences between the HKC approved ship recycling facilities

Jamie Dalzell stated the GMS is pushing for environmentally friendly ship recycling. He said that they will send obsolete vessels preferably to HKC approved ship recycling facilities. He noticed however big differences between HKC approved facilities and he related this to the class society concerned.

Fund for green ship recycling

When asked he was willing to “donate” two dollars ($ 2) per ton to a fund that could support responsible recycling, he answered that the seller of the vessel should pay this amount. He further said that in the end the owner of the ship is the one who takes the decision how the ship is recycled. The price is only an indicator.

Ship-owners should take their responsibility

PHP representative Mohammed Zahirul Islam showed his HKC-approved facility. He called upon the ship-owners to take their responsibility and to accept that responsible ship recycling costs money and that far, far too little ship-owners take their responsibility.

James Turner, Barrister gave an excellent overview of the various legal regimes regarding the ship-breaking process as such, but also the legal regimes concerning the import and export of waste.

A new EU-listed ship recycling facility in Africa?

An African initiative to establish an EU approved ship recycling facility was presented. They presented their business case convincedly. Of course, ISRA welcomes these high-end initiatives and hope that the founding fathers will succeed.


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