News item no.19 ISRA attends Round Table meeting UIA Associations in Brussels 4 November 2019

The UNION OF INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS, founded in 1907. They yearly organize a Round Table as an opportunity to learn through networking and through practice with other international organisations and to share experience and knowledge. Both the secretary general of ISRA, Bernard Veldhoven and director of ISRA, Reinoud Pijpers were present.

Although ISRA is a non-member of the UIA, we received an invitation to participate. Some full learning sessions were attended, how to brand your name, what about the (vulnerability) of the financial position and should external funding, i.e. by non-members (of ISRA) be considered.

Promotion activities (for organizing congresses etc.) from Canada, Rotterdam to Riga, were undertaken by the representatives of these cities/countries. ISRA talked with Canada and Riga to see if new members can be recruited in those countries and pointed out the importance of international events on ship recycling.

NGO Shipbreaking

During lunch a meeting with NGO Shipbreaking was arranged by ISRA. It was concluded that the EU-regulation did not end the illegal activities towards the beaches. Far too little is done. It was proposed to organize a meeting in 2020 together with ISRA for green recyclers, green ship-owners, banks, trade unions and other organizations. Europol and IMPEL and some inspectorates will be invited. ISRA will inform its members and use their input and cooperation. To be continued.



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