News item no. 16 September 2019.

Visit European Ship Recyclers (EU section of ISRA) Denmark.







ESR/ISRA was welcomed by the port of Frederikshavn.

From 18-21 September 2019 Secretary general ISRA and Director ISRA attended a meeting of the ESR in Denmark organized by Board member and chairman of the ESR, Peter Wyntin of Galloo Gent.

The discussions during the meeting made very clear that the system of enforcement does not work, despite the new EU-regulation: too many ships circumvent the regulation and end up at a beach. Peter presented a number of convincing violations by owners of European flagged ships who bring their end of life ships illegally to the beaches. The lack in the regulation that the owners as such are not addressed, feels very bad. These practices as shown in the past are still continued. Though the meeting was not explicit conclusive on measures to be taken it became clear that something has to be done to stop these illegalities. ISRA will work on it. The new (candidate) EU-commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevicius from Lithuania, responsible for the EU SRR will be approached by ISRA and confronted with the fact that EU flagged ships are still not offered to EU listed member states yards, despite the goals of the regulation. The members present felt that seeking publicity about the run of owners to beaches can be very effective. Because that might trigger politicians to take action. ISRA will contact NGO Shipbreaking to coordinate concrete publicity actions. ISRA itself will continue to approach enforcements agencies.

Visit to member M.A.R.S.
Modern American Recycling Services (M.A.R.S.) has opened a brand-new facility in Frederikshavn. This enormous facility can handle the biggest ships and offshore installations and will give work in the future for about 200 people. Crown prince Frederik opened this new facility.

Visit to Smedegaarden

The next day a visit was paid to the yard of Smedegaarden in Esbjerg. Morton Smedegaard showed us his recycling yard which is submitted to a huge renovation and extension. Morten also exploits an impressive storage with literally tons of spare parts and material to be reused. The second-hand store contributes structurally to the Smedegaarden recycling activities and provides continuity of the total activities.






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