News item no. 6,  October 2020


Ship Recycling Webinar Week organized by Riviera Maritime Limited

Riviera organized three webinars in September on various aspects of ship recycling. The first session was strongly related with the (results) of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI), primarily aimed at collecting and disseminating date on ship recycling. (SRTI organized three seminars over the past months, which were attended by board member ISRA, Dimitri Ayvatoglu and Director Reinoud Pijpers).

During the second session of the Riviera Webinar, reconciling the Hong Kong Convention and the European push for regulation. Mr. Nikolas Panagakis (owner of Nick Environmental Services) held a strong argument against beaching practices. Dr Peter Glover (partner), with a strong judicial approach, gave a broad overview of the various aspects and steps of the IMO and the EU SRR. Although he emphasized the steps that were taken in the right direction, he concluded that beaching was still the major ship recycling method. He questioned the disappearance of this method. Reinoud Pijpers (ISRA)  concluded that the HKC is undeniable a good step in the right direction, but that the clear and unambiguous, independent of the country concerned,  EU regulation gives a better regime. He argued that shipowners promoting their business as sustainable should also apply this to the end of life situation of their fleet.

Director ISRA also attended a webinar organized by Metalogic PMS, Steel Scrap Recycling Processes. During this webinar a lot of attention was given to the various aspects of scrap in general, with the common denominator that India has a shortage of scrap of around 6 mln-7 mln ton per year. ISRA made clear that the EU list for ship recycling facilities represented high global standards enabling individual yards to compete on an equal level of competition.

European Commission

ISRA will participate in a meeting in November, to be organized by the EU, in the presence of the Member States. Enforcement of the EU regulation will be one of the topics, in any case to be addressed by ISRA.


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