Amsterdam, 28 January 2020


Subject: ISRA announces the appointment of Dr. Konstantinos Galanis as
its new Chairman of the Board

On Tuesday 28th of January 2020 the General Meeting of the International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA) unanimously appointed Dr. Konstantinos Galanis as its new Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Galanis is succeeding Mr. Adem Simsek, who served as its Chairman for the past several years, overseeing the expansion of the Association across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Dr. Galanis has a strong academic and business background, holding a Ph.D from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and having over 20 years of professional shipping experience. Dr. Galanis has served on board ships and has taken a number of shoreside positions serving technical, operational and commercial roles, including tenure working for US listed shipping company.

With the EU Ship Recycling Regulation already in force and with the IMO Hong Kong Convention fast approaching its entry-into-force criteria but still about 5 years away from application, Dr Galanis emphasises the turn of the decade will prove to be a turning point for the ship recycling sector. Immediately upon his election, he stated: “I am proud and honoured to lead this Association during a time of changes and challenges for the shipping industry, especially with respect to environmental compliance.  Our efforts in ship recycling will continue by integrating quality services both for the local communities as well as the international maritime industry, always based on the principles of safety, environmental protection and compliance.”

Dr Galanis stresses there is a lot at stake for the recycling industry in the coming period. “There is not only the need of ensuring the proper enforcement of the EU Ship Recycling but we also have to see to a fair and balanced implementation of the Hong Kong Convention avoiding substandard practices and creating a level playing field for our ISRA members.”

The Board of Directors of ISRA is confident that Dr. Galanis will successfully lead ISRA into the new decade, further strengthening its position and reputation as a creditable international organization promoting compliant, safe and environmentally sound ship recycling.


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