Meeting in Brussels with European Commission, member states and stakeholders on 13 February 2020

ISRA was invited to join this meeting which was organized by the EC, to evaluate the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, a year after its entry into force.  Other stakeholders: ECSA and NGO ship-breaking.

ECSA referred to the lack of a global regulatory regime and was frustrated about the sluggish developments in this field. The Norwegian Shipowners, represented ECSA, gave an extensive overview of developments for responsible ship recycling activities and pointed out that the Hong Kong Convention is the only solution for a level playing on ship recycling.

Director ISRA, Reinoud Pijpers

ISRA was represented by Director Reinoud Pijpers and board member Peter Wyntin.
Reinoud emphasized the need for a proper enforcement and a technical non-political accession policy for the EU-list.

The regulation is clear, it is now up to the member states to enforce it. He distributed the letter concerning the responsibility of the member state that was sent by ISRA to all the member states in 2019.

Board member ISRA, Peter Wyntin

Board member Peter Wyntin gave a very impressive overview of the number of (EU) flag ships that were recycled on the beaches and had to conclude that the EU-SRR had no effect whatsoever.  He called up to the EC to come in action to the members states who fail to enforce and called upon the EC to think about a central point of contact for matters concerning enforcement. The EC will also publish figures from EMSA. Until now 17 march these figures are not published. As soon as these figures are published, ISRA will distribute them.

Peter Wyntin also referred to the fact that numerous ships within the borders of the EU, but not flying an EU-flag can be recycled on a non-EU-facility in the EU. He showed a slide with a number of ships who fall under this definition.

Ingvild Jenssen NGO Ship breaking platform

Ingvild Jenssen showed that from 2009-2019 almost 400 workers lost their lives and 250 were severely injured. With some impressive slides she showed the convincing figures from the world of beaching. Furthermore, she illustrated that the polluters pay principle should be applied for ship recycling.

Ingvild Jenssen referred to the several reports concerning a financial incentive. She argued that various financial driven possibilities were extensively scrutinized and that it takes political willingness to introduce them.



European Commission

The EC, Mr. Pellegrini head of the waste department and successor of ms. Lenen, concluded that technical requirements are the basis for accession to the EU-list. This goes for every country outside the EU. He concluded that EMSA-figures (not yet disclosed) gave more or less the same picture as Peter Wyntin had shown: the fast amount of end of life ships is still going to the beaches.
A central point for enforcement, as suggested by ISRA, could in theory be supported by the EC, but in practice, such an entity is not feasible in due time: member states have to take their responsibility. (Concerning the scope of the EU-SRR, the impression was that the EC would be willing to evaluate the EU-SRR, but not in due time).

The EC related the EU-SRR to the HKC, and stated that the HKC will not come into force in due time and that Bangladesh remains a country of beach practices. This should be taken in account when evaluating the EU-SRR. (A formal evaluation of the EU-SRR is 18 months before the entry into force of the HKC). A financial incentive was not rejected and the EC seem to be positive to put this on the agenda as a means to prevent circumvention.
The EC was interested in the way steel, as a commodity, relates to the ship recycling business. He was questioning whether the steel market was, in the EU, was interested to use the scrap, in that way making better process for the EU based recyclers and a reduction of CO2.  He suggested that ISRA should contact Eurofer, the association for steel producers, in the EU.


Summit EU-India 13 March 2020

The EC also referred to the coming summit between the EU and India. The applications to the EU-list from a number of Indian ship recycling facilities will be discussed. ISRA will address this item separately to the EC (this meeting is postponed due to the Corona crisis).






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