News item no. 14 May 2019. ISRA attends meeting IMO, Hong Kong Convention 10 May 2019, London

Director ISRA, Reinoud Pijpers, emphasized the importance of China as a ship recycling country with top facilities.

The secretary general of the IMO, Mr. Kitack Lim in close cooperation with the Japanese government organized this meeting “towards the early entry into force of the Hong Kong Convention”. About 300 attendees were present. The purpose of the seminar was to increase the international awareness of the importance of an early entry into of the HKC. The meeting was opened by Mr. Kitack Lim.

Secretary general IMO Mr. Kitack Lim

A broad range of organizations were present. Amongst them: ICS, ECSA, Class NK and ISRA. From the “member states” of the IMO, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Norway China participated. The EU also participated in this event.

Director ISRA introduced ISRA in his presentation as the company based association promoting sound and safe ship recycling. He pointed out that the Hong Kong Convention was a good first step on sound and safe ship recycling, but that the EU-Regulation with its strict technical requirements and the verification/certification process through an independent verifier is covering the ISRA standards and practices.

Further more he took this opportunity to illustrate the importance of the Chinese market for ship recycling. China has excellent ship recycling facilities. China being a large ship building exporting can balance this export by re-opening the borders for end of life ships. ISRA called upon the Chinese authorities to reconsider their policies in this field.


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