News item no. 4, February 2019

Director ISRA visits Turkish yards

 A vessel landing

Reinoud Pijpers visited (the first week of February 2019) the yards of a number of (new) ISRA members.

Reinoud had the excellent opportunity not only to visit the various yards but also to have an exchange of views with several yard owners. The yards concerned: Avsar, Isiksan, Leyal,
Leyal Demtas, Simsekler, SOK and Temurtaslar are all on the same spot. The method of recycling is landing. After the main parts of the ship are removed, the ship is pulled ashore for further demolition. Of course, the ships are in that phase demolished at a concrete floor and a drainage system prevents (oil) spills running into water. The downstream waste is carried out jointly, by all the yards concerned. The Ship Recycling Association Turkey, SRAT, situated close to the premises of the yards plays an active role in the waste management of the downstream of waste. ISRA had also the possibility to exchange views with the SRAT. Membership of ISRA is highly appreciated by the newly appointed chairman of the SRAT.

During my visit the good news was received that Turkey had ratified the Hong Kong Convention (HKC). Though the government had one condition: a ship recycling plan should be presented for approval to the Turkeys authority. With this condition, the Turkeys authorities will stay to play an important role on the enforcement of the HKC. It was not clear whether this role will also be applicable for the EU-listed yards.

During the various talks it was clear that being on the EU-list is very important.  Membership of ISRA lies in the same line. The Turkish yards concerned see ISRA as an organization that represents the (Turkish)-ship recycling yards very well on a global scale.



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