News item no. 6 February 2019 ACI congress
ACI conference on Ship Recycling 30– 31 January 2019, Amsterdam

ISRA was well represented at this conference in Amsterdam. Tom Peter Blankestijn (Sea2Cradle, associated ISRA member) held a very clear and instructive presentation regarding the similarities and differences between HKC and the EU SRR: HKC aiming at the structure, EU-SRR not only the structure but also the operation. He elaborated further more the process of getting EU verified and listed. Tom Peter got further into detail concerning the relationship with China since their ban on imports of end of life ships. He showed the new political reality of the just renamed ministry of Ecology and Environment. Tom Peter mentioned that there are signals indicating a possible rethinking of this matter in China.

Peter Wyntin (Galloo Ghent) answered the question of an alleged shortage of capacity. Based on IHS-figures he easily could demonstrate that in the past the amount of surplus recycling capacity was enormous, considering the little amount of supply of end of life ships. Peter also stressed that the EU and NGO came with the same figures. Peter underlined the fact, that also with the new EU-regulation, capacity is no problem. He mentioned furthermore that health, safety and environmental standards must not be seen as fixed, but could and should be subject of new legislation. He gave as example the lost time injury frequency rate considering accidents at work, carbon footprint reducing oil and fuels and maximization of using renewable industry. Of course, Peter mentioned the necessity of enforcement of the rules, by national governments and the EC. ISRA members invest heavily in safe and sound recycling. By enforcement of the regulations the authorities have to play their active role.

Dimitri Ayvatoglu (Leyal Ship Recycling group Turkey) had a presentation on changing the mode of contracts. In his presentation, he pointed out the various relationships with templates of contracts and “layers” to complete the contract commercially.

Reinoud Pijpers (director ISRA) introduced himself as the new director of ISRA. In his presentation, he treated the role of ISRA in the past, the present and the future. ISRA started mainly as a policy formulating organization, delivering bricks for the HKC and the EU-SRR. Nowadays emphasis is put on the enforcement. Reinoud mentioned the actions of ISRA which were and are taken in this field. He also referred to the excellent contacts with the EC.

Through these contacts ISRA can carry out influence, for instance in the China case. Reinoud called up to become an ISRA (associate) member illustrating that this membership is a clear signal that the company concerned is taken sound and save ship recycling seriously.


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