News item 9 April 2019

Global Maritime Summit 2-5 April 2019 Turkey

Together with Soner Sari from ISIKSAN Ship Recycling in Turkey, the Director of ISRA Reinoud Pijpers, held a presentation at this summit.

Soner Sari giving his presentation

Mr Sari showed the audience what sound and safe recycling means in the daily practice on his ship recycling yard. He elaborated in depth on the process of ship recycling.

ISIKSAN has one of the largest dismantling areas of 35.000 square yards and double partial long beach in the Aliaga Breaking District. They have a high breaking capacity of 120.000 tons of steel annually.

He elaborated a number of policy goals, amongst them:

  • Preventing pollution and incidents in all their activities.
  • Maintaining a Ship Recycling Management System which is environment-friendly, following Safety Standards, supported by top management, which is adopted and carried out, supervised, reviewed by all employees, constantly improved and is open to public.
  • Minimising non-sustainable energy and sources consumption by efficient input controls.
  • Implying methods and systems to ensure an efficient Waste Management and minimising contamination by separating waste on their source.
  • Monitoring the performance of our activities constantly, to reduce the harm given to the environment to a minimum, to provide safe working environment, to protect the welfare of employees and to prevent accidents.
  • Taking precautions to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, to support workers with trainings.

Reinoud Pijpers giving his presentation                                                                    

Reinoud Pijpers (Director ISRA) explained to the audience that Turkey is an important ship recycling state. He congratulated Turkey with the ratification of the Hong Kong Convention. He stipulated the active role of Turkey in the past by preparing international regulation. He referred to the fact that various Turkeys yards were involved in the founding of ISRA and that the chairmanship of this organization is yet in the hands of Adem Simsek. Mr Pijpers referred to the place of Turkeys yards on the EU-list. (ISIKSAN is now the third). There are 6 applications from Turkey pending for the EU-list.







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