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Annual Capacity1.5 million light tons
Type of serviceDock basin/floating dock/landing
Hong Kong ConventionFully compliant

About us

Zhoushan Changhong International Ship Recycling Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise engaged in ship green recycling, which was set up in 2011 at Zhoushan Island, the east of China with great advantages of convenient transport system.

The total investment of the yard is RMB 2.8 billion with the area of 1500 acres and 2000 meters coastline.The main construction are two dock basins, one is 610 meters by 120 meters, while the other one is 520 meters by 120 meters, and one wharf which is 900 meters by 25meters. The recycling capacity of yard is about 1.5 million light tons per year.

Changhong International Ship Recycling yard highly respects all the HSE issues. At the same time, yard has built a waste water treatment plant with the capacity of 2000 tons per day which could be used to treat all the onsite rain water and sewage water from the buildings collected by the pipes underground. By the side of the waste water treatment plant is an incinerator to treat all the general garbage with the capacity of 500kg per hour. And yard has built four hazardous material warehouses for types of hazardous wastes; each warehouse is 900 m2. Yard cares about the workers as well and equips them with professional PPE, especially for the asbestos workers. In addition, yard has built 2 showering rooms by the sides of two docks specifically for them. Dec 2012, the yard was awarded the ISO14001,OHSMS 18001 and ISO9001 Management Certificates by the qualified department.

Due to the advantages such as the location, layouts, facilities, policies and so on, the ship recycling yard has got its own reputation in a short time. Many officers and representatives of government and ship-owners from overseas and domestic have come to yard and shown great interests in cooperation. While focusing on improving the green recycling process under a higher and higher standards, the yard is sincerely looking forward to the cooperation with all the partners, old and new, home and overseas, hand-in-hand to create a brilliant future.

Contact details

Contact PersonMr Li Hongwei
Visiting AdressNo.20 Zhuzhishan Road, Xiaosha Town, Dinghai district, Zhoushan Island, Zhejiang Province, China
Telephone Number0580-8231289

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