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The International Ship Recycling Association (ISRA) was founded and statutory located in The Hague in October 2007. For the first time in history a company based organization was founded to promote and facilitate the environmentally sound and safe recycling of ships.

Main objective

The main objective of ISRA is promoting environmentally safe recycling of ships. ISRA is an association representing the strongest environmentally responsible yards in the world. Achieving ISRA’s high level demands for sustainable ship recycling, means that individual ISRA yards have made huge investments. Yards being compliant with these objectives are inherently disadvantaged in their competitiveness against substandard yards, who do not invest in safe and sound recycling. Responsible recycling yards have to compete with these substandard yards. To eliminate this unfair competition, a level playing field is required as an essential and necessary component for achieving the main objective of ISRA: promoting sound and safe recycling of ships.

Ship recycling is an essential part in the circular economy

Ship-owners, financial institutions
Ship recycling is a crucial link in the chain of the whole shipping industry, other players also fulfill an important role to contribute to the sustainability of the shipping industry.

Ship-owners and ship financing institutions, are therefore an integral part in the chain of responsible and sustainable shipping. A cradle to grave philosophy for (financing) their assets supports ISRA’s worldwide goals. These organizations can contribute substantially to green recycling.


By becoming an (Associate) member of ISRA, organizations commit themselves to the objectives of the safe and sound ship recycling. Through their membership they emphatically express their environmental responsibility in the chain of the global shipping industry, whether it concerns the recycling yards or other key players in the shipping industry.

Being settled in (inter-)national networks*, ISRA is able to respond and intervene quickly in particular situations. Members of ISRA can take advantage of ISRA’s access to various international bodies.

*ISRA has intensive contacts with (inter)national organizations:

  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) concerning the requirements for the Hong Kong Convention;
  • European Commission, considering the EU- Ship recycling Regulation and its implementation;
  • European Parliament;
  • Policy issues with the competent policy authorities in various countries;
  • National oversight authorities concerning violations of regulation;
  • National parliaments.

In addition ISRA has a close relationship with various organizations:

  • Maritime service providers;
  • (International) ship-owners (associations);
  • Financial institutions;
  • (Maritime) education institutes.

Founding fathers

Bottom row (left to right)

Adem Simsek (Simsekler Group), Saim Siviri (Cemas Celik), Li Hongwei (China Jiang Xiajang Changjiang Shiprepair Yard), Janice Liu Guohong (Zhongxin Ship Recycling & Steel Co), James MacFarlane (Sparrows Point Shipyard).

Top row (left to right)

Dimitris Ayvatoglu (Leyal Ship Recycling), Demiray Kardes (Demtas), Henk Poot (Scheepssloperij Nederland), Ali Tiras (Oge Gemi Sokum).


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