Maritime Delivery Inc.

Annual Capacity Over 1.5 million tons
Type of Service Cash Buyer



Maritime Delivery Inc (“MDI”), previously known as Maritime Delivery Services S.A., have over 25 years of experience as a cash buyers of obsolete vessels on behalf of shipbreakers in mainland China. For the past 15 years, MDI has been able to handle 60% of all shipbreaking transactions in China and during a busy 2002 & 2003, we set a personal record by purchasing 92 and 93 vessels respectively with total lightweight tonnage of over 2.5 million tons. In 2009, we set a new record with 133 vessels of 1.5 million tons combined and in 2010 we have 65 vessels about 620,000 lightweight tons. Being the No. 1 largest cash buyers of scrapped vessels in Hong Kong and in mainland China, Maritime Delivery Inc is also one of the largest cash buyers in the world.

With the professional knowledge and expertise, its management is dedicated to support owners/sellers and Chinese shipbreakers with unfailing support and excellent services. Their reliability and feasibility in handling sales, coupled with the expertise in executing smooth payments all the time have been attracting a lot of reputable owners/sellers all over the world; including Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Shell, Maersk, BP Group etc.

The management of MDI realizes the growing concern of owners/sellers concerning health safety and environmental (HSE) related issues, so they are dedicated in helping their associated breaking yards in China to comply with HSE standards. By introducing a lot of HSE precautions and regulations to those facilities, they make constant revision and supervision according to the actual necessity of individual facilities and the requests from owners/sellers. To ensure the adequacy and effectiveness, they pay a lot of subsequent inspections over the plants. They also encourage and accompany the owners/sellers to take a tour around the breaking facilities to review the working practices. MDI has become an integral part of the owners/sellers and the shipbreakers in China.

MDI keeps the owners/sellers up-to-date on the latest shipbreaking markets by providing them with unbiased current and on-going market information every month together with specific shipbreaking data upon request.

Contact Details  
Contact Person Thomson Kam
Office Address Airmington Holdings Ltd.
  15/F Fortune House
  61 Connaught Road
  Central Hong Kong
Telephone Number (Office) +852.2521.0388
Telephone Number (Mr. Kam) +852.9186.4821
Fax Number +852.2845.9278
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