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How to be competitive and sustainable as an actor in the maritime industry? Within a quickly developing international context, this is an essential question to be asked. Responding timely and properly to international developments (such as SOLAS and the upcoming entering into force of the Hong Kong Convention) appears to be an important key to competitiveness and sustainability. van de poel | m.a.r.c. (Maritime Asbestos and Recycling Consultant) surveys hazardous materials on board, creates awareness and provides professional advices, thus providing the necessary basis for a proper response to international developments that may effect on your business.


van de poel | m.a.r.c. is preferred supplier for asbestos inventories and IHM’s for several respected names in the maritime and off-shore industry. Our certified Hazmat Experts conduct both Table A and B inspections for existing ships and IHM inspections for newly built ships (desk research and management of material declarations). Our HazMat team has extensive experience with vessels in all forms and sizes.

Green ship recycling & HazMats

Developments in national and international legislation bring about several challenges for all actors in the maritime industry, such as shipyards, ship owners, recycling facilities and class societies. What are your responsibilities and how to meet them? How do ship yards, for example, prove not to be responsible for added asbestos on board after the ship delivery? And in which situations are ship owners obliged to conduct an IHM and why? What are the possible options for waste management on a certain location? Possessing the right knowledge and acting appropriately and timely is essential to remain competitive and to avoid risks. van de poel | m.a.r.c. provides you with professional advices and guides you towards the best solution.

Trainings and publications about HazMats

Knowledge about what hazardous materials could be found on board, what the risks are, how to act in case hazards are found, et cetera, is essential to avoid unwanted situations, such as unexpected cleanup costs,delays in transportation, loose of cargo and liability claims. This knowledge is not only essential for ship owners or management, but also for other workers who may come into touch with hazardous materials on board. van de poel | m.a.r.c. offers several training programs for different actors in the maritime industry. And our recently printed pocket book ‘asbestos on board and in yards’ provides the necessary basic information about asbestos on board and in yards.


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