A-Gas is a global supplier of fire protection clean agents which includes halons, HFC227ea, HFC125, HFC236fa.  We offer safe disposal of decommissioned Halon 1301 through our buy back program to be reclaimed for critical users in accordance with the Montreal Protocol.

With operational facilities spanning over 5 continents, A-Gas Americas have a strong global team with a wealth of technical expertise and industry experience.


The International Maritime Organization in support of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer are recommending and encouraging all sectors of the maritime industry to limit the use of Halons on board ships by using an alternative fire extinguishing system when possible and prohibit the release of Halons in the atmosphere.

But how do you dispose of the Halon when you have replaced it? Contact us as we are experts in each step of the documentation and shipping process.

A-Gas Americas is the largest supplier to “critical users” in the world. Recycling of Halons is not only cost-effective when compared to destruction, but may also prevent future production of Halons.

Let our team of Halon experts assist with all of your ODS disposal problems.

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